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Abstract Relationship Management
Control it all with AnyRM
AnyRM is the world's first Abstract Relationship Management platform, 
that enables you to go far beyond classic CRM capabilities.
With AnyRM you can define, manage & support any of your business entities, 
from customers to employees or even objects. Build insightful profiles, connections, and segmentations that will fuel your 
business strategy and actions
Workflow Automation & Integration Platform
Know Best, Act Fast with Flowto AnyDP
Flowto is an advanced (iPaaS) that enables you to connect all your apps and API and perform endless automated business scenarios and workflows. This is how you transform any business strategy into reality.
Collaborative Web Building Platform
Build a site you can control.
Anywhere, anytime.
EditWeb revolutionizes the way developers, editors, and clients collaborate by providing a platform that enables high-end web development with outstanding CMS capabilities out of the box.
EditWeb is a transformation of web development principles into a no-code platform, it gives you dev-only features such as: Real-Time Website Editor, Versioning, Internationalization, Geographical Hosting, SEO and Latest Web Standards.
Engagement & Loyalty Platform
Initiate stronger relationships with people & brands
XPRIEN is an engagement & loyalty platform that will enable you to take your brand relationships to the next level. 
Get the right & most relevant response from your employees or customers - and drive them into action - Every single time. In other words, make your communications worthwhile.
Data Speaks Louder.
Our main goal is to see enterprises thrive through technology. We take pride in creating highly intelligent products that teams can rely on, on their way to success. Join hundreds of teams all over the world and start making an impact.
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